The Is It Truly Magic? Essay

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Karkus nodded. “But is it truly magic?” He thought about the fantasy movies he saw before. Tales of heroes, conquerors, apocalypse, and forbidden love between peasants and nobles. Magic commonly appeared on those kind of stories. “...Those videos on the wall.”
“Destinies. Those shows an event of which a certain person’s life took a turn. In that certain event, the action they did will hugely affect their future no matter how it seemed to be insignificant at first.”
“Those are?”
“Indeed. I am the creator of destiny. Obviously, I am able to see other lifeform’s fate. They are real, the same as you. ‘I think, therefore I am’, right?”
“From earlier, I—” Karkus stopped. He knew he saw something. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t find the words. The words won’t materialize inside his empty head. Filling it was of no use since it will return outside as if it never entered his mind. Karkus sighed.
Trakun snapped his fingers.
“You mean that robust man?” Trakun asked. “That man that cleaved the wolves around him.”
Karkus felt surprised. The image of that man formed inside his mind. The smooth yet fierce swing as the man dodged the wolf and pierced its skin, the accurate throw of his small blades, and the perfectly sliced wolves. He remembered it with a strange clarity. “I can’t remember this earlier. How?”
Trakun didn’t answer the question, instead he just smiled at Karkus.
“I’ll show you something,” Trakun said. “I have made a film showing the destinies of people I have…

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