The Is Any Nation State Be Considered A Civic Nation? Essay

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1- Can any nation-state be considered a ‘civic’ nation?

It is critical to commence with a definition of the concept at the heart of the discussion as a way of setting the stage for the present discourse. The concept of civic nationhood is applied in reference to the identity in politics formed from common citizenship that thrives in a liberal state (Smith, 2013). The concept of a civic nation, therefore, goes beyond subjective variables, such as culture, language, customs or traditions of the individual components of the state. A state founded on civic principles is guided by a reference to shared institutions as well as accepted liberal principles. For this reason, the membership into such a state is open and subject only to the commitment to the established liberal principles (Smith, 2013). In a nutshell, the civic nation is an objective structure that seeks to promote the interests of all components of the state regardless of their unique features. Despite the appeal of the concept of the civic nation, it should be admitted that the factors outlined earlier, such as ethnicity, culture, traditions, values, norms and social class are ubiquitous in society. These variables have an immense influence on the politics of any one nation. The question then arises over it is possible for any nation state to attain the status of a civic nationhood given the fact that diversity introduces subjectivity into politics. This paper seeks to answer this question by exploring the…

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