Essay on The Is An American Tv Show About Mental Illness

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Shameless is an American TV show about that has various characters with

psychological disorders. One of the major ones is Ian Gallagher, who has Bipolar

I disorder. The distinguishing symptoms only started to appear in the fourth

season and followed thought-out the show. The character himself and his family

were not aware of his disorder, although it runs in the family.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness, with extreme mood swings. The main

character suffers from Bipolar I, when one or more manic episodes are present

and often persist with major depressive disorder. The symptoms include,

inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, irritable mood,

increased goal-directed activity, excessive involvement in activities, become

more talkative than usual and have flight of ideas, etc.(DSM-5).

Ian joined the army without telling his family, after return, he was convinced that he was a “different person”. Ian showed signs of hypomania, for instance, he spoke more than usual, was very optimistic, carefree, cheerful, he was goal oriented, claiming that he has lots of new ideas for the future and was tired of living the way others do. His older sister approached him, as he was acting different such as “fake laughing” when it was not appropriated. She notices that he was “caffeinated”(increased energy).

Ian Gallagher started working in a gay strip club late shifts, in one of the episodes he was cooking…

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