The Iranian Hostage Crisis Was A Stressful Time For The United States

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The Iranian Hostage Crisis was a stressful time for the United States because innocent civilians were trapped for four hundred and forty-four days in a country that was going through a revolution and now have a strong hatred towards the Unites States. The Iranian Hostage Crisis, which lasted from 1979-1981, had many events before and during the captivity that is now described as a crisis.
Beginning in 1953, a new Shah came to power, named Muhammad Reza Pahlavi. In the same year the people wanted Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq as their Prime Minister because they were not too fond of the Shah that the United States and the British put in power. The Shah finally gave in to the pressure from his people and appointed Dr. Mossadeq Prime Minister (Andrew and Mitrokhin 169). Mossadeq’s first order of business was to nationalize the oil companies in Iran (Andrew and Mitrokhin 169). The United States and the British owned a lot of Iran’s oil and petroleum ( Staff “Iran”). In retaliation for taking away one of their main sources of oil, the United States CIA and Great Britain SIS formed a coup, called Operation TP-Ajax, to overthrow Mossadeq and restore power with the Shah and his Western views ( Staff “Iran”). Pahlavi was anti-communist and had every interest in the Western was ( Staff “Iran”). In return for the foreign aid provided by the Americans and the British, which mounted to over ten million, the Shah gave them eighty percent of Iran’s oil reserves.…

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