Essay on The Iranian Constitutional Movement

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The 1905-1911 Iranian Constitutional Movement stands as one of the most significant events in the Middle East history, particularly in the history of Iran. This movement showed the desire of Iranians for freedom, dignity, equity, and independence. Despite the years of political and economic issues of Qajar period, Iranians tried to shift the policies of their government in the benefit of the people. During the Pahlavi period, Iranians achieved a relative modernization and development. However, they still did not have political freedoms and development. For many Iranians, the Islamic Republic was meant to carry the positive aspects of the Pahlavi dynasty while ending its negative aspects such as lack of political freedom. Even though the Islamic Republic gave Iran a relative independence, but it failed to address the issues of political and social freedoms which Iranians demanded. Despite the desire of Iranians for freedom, independence, and dignity, they are still to achieve these
During the Qajar period, the Russians and British forces occupied large portions of the country, undermining Iran’s sovereignty. Meanwhile, the Qajar kings lacked the leadership capabilities for governing the country and thus, they had to give huge concessions to the Russians and British (the “West”) in order to keep their monarchy in place. The major concessions included Telegraph (late 1850’s), Reuter I (1872), Reuter II (late 1870’s), Lottery (1889), River and navigation, and Tobacco (1890). The…

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