The Intrusion Of Avant Garde Essay

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Admits the violent horrors of WWII many, European artists escaped to the states, where they continued to work. This included, Anni and Joseph Albers, Mondrian, Andre Masson, and Max Ernst, while bringing their innovative methods of abstraction. The intrusion of Avant-Garde ideology is believed to be the stepping stone that led to the success of the Abstract Expressionist in New York in the 1940’s-50’s. Artists of the AB-EX movement looked at works by archaic civilizations in search for eternal compositions. Influenced by Jungian psychology that emphasizes the importance of the individual psyche and the personal quest for wholeness, which is seen in how they created large improvisational pieces by using dynamic gestures or expansive fields of color. To impart a kind of directness and immediacy meant to provoke strong emotional response. American artists are expressing through their artistic statements concerning the United States role as a land of diversity by transplanting the center of Avant-Garde from Europe to New York, by making it evident in how they created their art. As a result, every artist involved created a new tactic for how art was created. By removing any elicit political or regional to create works that challenge us to think outside of what our preconceived notions of what art should be. This new approach for how these AB-EX artists created their works are evident in Jackson Pollock’s (Fig 8.23) Lavender Mist, Willem De Kooning’s (Fig 8.0) Woman I, Mark…

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