The International Community Of Human Rights Violations Essay

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It has been brought to the attention of the international community that human rights violations have been occurring within the very state of Bugunda. The newspapers, social media and many other related sources have been littered with headlines of numerous violations that have been directly affecting the citizens of Bungunda. So far over 130 people have been killed this includes women, children, union leaders and journalists who were shot at indiscriminately1. While it is the duty of the Bugundan government to ensure the livelihood of its citizens it seems little to no action has been taken amidst the ongoing issues within the state. According to the media the “Bugundan government has yet to investigate or hold accountable those responsible for the killings and other abuses” such as rape.2 However, the government is placing a greater emphasis on “suppressing” reports on the events, banning use of social media sites like facebook, twitter and restricting activists from their relatives.
Though the international community stresses the importance of maintaining the sovereignty of the state recent events have proved otherwise. “On December 31, unidentified people broke into Tata’s home and took him and his wife away. He was said to have been beaten and held in isolation; his wife was held in a different room. No one knows where they are. No one has offered to do anything. Both husband and wife have not been seen for months. It is not clear if they are dead or alive.3” Instead of…

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