The International Community And International Law, Nation, State And The Laws Of Each Entity

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The International community and international law, nation, state and the laws of each, linguistic, ethnic, cultural and religious entities of the world, and the individual human are four different entities that prepare human rights. Each one of these entities has their own set of human rights, and sometimes there are difficulties in making all of the different human rights match up. When you look at the realm of human rights through the lens of each entity by itself it seems clear and it makes sense, but once you are looking through all four lenses things start to become foggy. Looking at the international world there are norms and human rights that are laid out as a form of law. The United Nations wrote their own document stating what universal human rights there are. So making sure that everyone starts out on the same foot. However many countries have their own documents of human rights. The United States has the Declaration of Independence and France has their own document. However there are differences between the international document and the national documents, and differences between the different national documents. This causes a lot of grey area. Each document was written out of necessity. There was a group who had lost their human rights to other humans so they needed to be protected. The national documents are tailored to that specific nation and a reaction based on what happened to that nation, what tragedy shook them. Each nation creates laws based on their…

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