The Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano Essay

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A former slave by the name of Olaudah Equiano wrote his own book called The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. His life started in the country of Eboe, which is now the country of Guinea in Africa. His life was simple and so were his people. In his native land, his father was a village elder so their family were in higher status quo. Slaves were a common thing around his village and often time’s people from his tribe owned slaves. One thing he noticed was the difference between the way slaves who belonged to Europeans were treated and the way his tribe treated their slaves. The paper will examine the destructiveness of the slave trade and its effects on the people involved, and the push to abolish the slave trade. In the book, Olaudah Equiano gives his personal account of him and his sister being kidnapped from their home. The two travelled all day along with their captors and then they were separated. This allows us to see how the slave trade was not only physical but mental. They made each one go a different way so they would not be able to go through this terrifying experience together. His account allows us to see that the slave trade was destructive to each person involved no matter who they were. Men, women and children were taken away from their families and stripped of their identities in order to fit into to their slave master’s culture. While the people who did the kidnapping heard the screams and saw the emotion of one being taken away, to…

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