The Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano Essay

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A Short Document Analysis on The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography, written in England, 1789, provides a significant outlet for revelations about early modern slavery by describing a detailed, first person narrative account of actual events in our history that can be examined by the past actions of humanity to better understand European motives, ideals, and goals behind the Atlantic Slave Trade as well as how these objectives impacted the world and lives around them in a negative way during the early modern period to present day. In this “broadly accurate” documentation, within the first paragraph, European men are introduced in a skeptical way by Olaudah by the characteristic of “stout”, referring to the outlook of entitlement by Europeans on conquering land and spreading their way of life (Equiano, p700, p701). Right of the bat the word choice the author uses to describe these men proves an insight into their preconceived notions of these new people, and then continues to state in vague terms who these men are with simple facts of common geography which leads the reader to believe the Natives don’t know much about these people besides that they are “from the south west of us…” and that “They generally bring us fire-arms, gunpowder, hats, beads, and dried fish….” And finally that “they always carry slaves through our land (Equiano p.701)”. The usage of the word: “Our land” shows a possession to the place Olaudah…

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