The Intensity Of His Eyes Essay

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The intensity in his eyes was heavy and when she mustered up the nerve to look at him in the light of his office Chloe thought she’d drown. He magically caressed her with his gazes and a few times Chloe heaved a sigh covering it up by clearing her throat.
Once she was safely outside the building, the spell lifted and she was able to think clearly but Chloe was inclined to go back inside his office for another dose of whatever it was he did to her. She scolded her actions the full block it took her to retreat to the shop. She should have been more upset after waiting so long instead Chloe acted like a panting dog obeying its master. Why didn’t she have control over her own emotions? So what if the man was extremely handsome and sexually attractive, she should have had more restraint. How was she going to make it out in this world alone if she lacked willpower?
The reason she needed a lawyer was serious - her entire life was dangling on the edge of a cliff. Cutting the appointment short was rude of him and Chloe should have said something, but when he asked to join him for lunch, she was tongue-tied and then he had the audacity to ask her to meet him at a restaurant. Was it normal to meet a new client after hours? Chloe hoped Mr. Pierce didn 't assume she had her husband 's money to pay for his services. Was that why he was giving her special treatment because he saw dollar signs at the end of her name? She had to set the record straight firsthand.
Chloe rested her head in…

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