The Influence Of The African American Movement

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I firmly believe that African American’s have significantly progressed since the year 1865. Before this time in history, blacks were not considered people, but slaves and were nothing more than free labor to slave holders. The treatment these African American people were given could be described as nothing other than heinous. On December 6, 1865 the 13th amendment was ratified and slavery was officially illegal according to the U.S. constitution. Since then, the African American people persevered. Many hold positions in government and even more have accomplished extraordinary obstacles that were once thought impossible over a large spectrum of fields. Not only the men, but the African American women have also contributed to the advancement …show more content…
A man by the name Martin Luther King Jr. was a very powerful speaker and lead millions in standing up for themselves"I have a dream..." One of the most famous lines ever delivered by Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a very influential civil rights activist, and delivered inspiring speeches. The most quoted and inspirational of these is "I Have A Dream." This speech was delivered during the March on Washington. An amount of people that reached into the two-hundred thousands gathered to protest the unfair treatment of African Americans and they listened. They listened as he preached those famous words, he let these words sink in, repeating them over and over again. He went on to quote lines from the Bible, Gettysburg Address, and the Declaration of Independence. As he addressed the audience, he spoke to them as if they were one, and went on to recall events that were happening at that moment in time. Events such as the fact that although there was an agreement signed many years before called the Emancipation Proclamation, it was still not being followed. He says that although in the moment he signed, they thought they were free, but they were not. They continued to suffer from segregation, poverty, and other shameful conditions. He pulled at people 's heart and finally creates a call to action. A call to stop the unfair treatment and to finally "Let freedom ring." He states that "if America is to be a great nation, this must be true." Until this happens, he promises, there will be no rest or tranquility in the nation. The people he says, "Will not be satisfied.." To see his dream fulfilled, he calls for people of all races to unite in a dignified, disciplined and pacifistic revolt of the unfairness that could be seen in America at that time. His amazing speech enraptured everyone and lives on today as most can now "Thank God Almighty, we are free at

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