The Industries Experiment On The Planet Essay

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The Industries Experiment on the Planet
Data was collected in several locations: a natural forest, a clear cut, and a plantation. Within these spaces, the five bodily senses -- sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste -- helped to identify how each location felt overall. In addition to the raw data collected, further analysis was undertaken using information obtained in class. Ideas within the course were applied to the three locations, and an analysis of the course content was applied to everyday problems concerning environmental issues that stem from greenhouse gas emissions caused by mega industries. The world’s largest and most polluting industries are playing a dangerous game, lining their pockets at the expense of the planet and its inhabitants.
Natural Forest - Lower Durham, New Brunswick Within the forest, there were soft pine and spruce trees as well as a large number of hardwood broadleaf trees. The natural forest was tightly packed with many species of moss, ferns, mushrooms, and flowers. There were many rotting trees lining the forest floor; this is one of the aspects of a healthy, living forest. Trees co-evolve with smaller species that live within them, such as ants. There were squirrels, birds, and bugs visible; the natural forest has a large amount of flora (greenery and plant species) but less fauna (animals and bug species) than expected. The smell was that of a stereotypical forest, packed with the heavy scent of moss. The sound of snapping twigs and the…

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