The Indian Removal Act, The Allotment Act And The Reorganization Act

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1) Describe the early European and Native American contacts and explain what impact treaties and warfare played in their interactions. What was the Indian Removal Act, the Allotment Act and the Reorganization Act and what their goals and impacts were’? (p.?)
The experience of the Native American and the Europeans has been conflicting has at the beginning of the discovery of the new world with Christopher Columbus the on slaughter of the first Native people. The interactions with the Native people using their resources to hunt and gather for fur and fur trapping and the events that followed. (Chapter 6, Page 142,Schaefer, R. 2014)

The Indian removal act was set by the congress under Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830. The law was to negotiate with the southern Indian tribes for their removal to the federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for the ancestral homelands. The Removal Act disrupted Native American cultures, but it didn’t move the tribes far enough or far enough to stay out of the path of the ever advancing non-American Indian settlers. After the Civil War many people had moved out west to mine and with the military, it was the goal to destroy many American Indian tribes with the federal government trying to limit the functions of the tribal leaders. The Native American tribes were weakened. (Chapter 6, page 144 Schaefer, R. 2014)

The Allotment act of 1887 bypassed the tribal leaders and proposed making individual landowners of tribal members.…

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