Essay on The Indian Removal Act Prevented

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On May 28th of the year 1830, President Andrew Jackson signed off on a law named the Indian Removal Policy. This granted the United States Government the right to negotiate with the Native American tribes about relocating the Natives from their current home to land west of the Mississippi River. This law was beneficial to the Native Americans on several accounts. The law ended immediate conflict between the Native Americans and the European American Settlers harassing them, it gave them new land to settle instead of just leaving them with no place to go, and even though some relocations were forced instead of voluntary, the law stated that the Native Americans would be provided with protection and aid during and after their relocation.  The Indian Removal Act prevented more conflict from erupting between the Native Americans and the European Americans. There was always a tension between the Native Americans and the European Americans ever since the first European settlers landed on the eastern shore of America and called it “home”. Several conflicts between the settlers and the Native Tribes resulted from their arrival to the New World, with events such as the Jamestown Massacre, the War of 1812, and the Creek war, being a few examples of these conflicts. The Native Americans were thought of as a lesser people in the minds of the European Americans, and their opinion and treatment towards the indigenous peoples only became worse and worse overtime. As more…

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