Essay on The Indian Health Services ( Ihs )

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The Indian Health Services (IHS) is a department agency within the Department of Health and Human Service (HHA). The IHS is responsible for providing medical and healthcare services for federally recognized Indian American and Alaskan Native tribes in the United States (Tosatto, Reeves, Duncan, and Ginter, 2008). The United States negotiated treaties with Native American tribes in exchange of land for promised health services (Tosatto, Reeves, Duncan, and Ginter, 2008). Those tribes that did not sign the treaty were not eligible to participate with federal government programs. Those with Indian heritage who were eligible were provided various health services under the IHS program, but some IHS locations did not have the necessary equipment or facilities to provide adequate services (Tosatto, Reeves, Duncan, and Ginter, 2008). The IHS is extremely dedicated to respecting the local traditions and beliefs of Native American tribes, but with changing external factors the IHS has found some difficulty (Tosatto, Reeves, Duncan, and Ginter, 2008). It has not developed an adequate third party payer system, where recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals is failing (Tosatto, Reeves, Duncan, and Ginter, 2008). The health of the population is below the national average, as well as, other socio-economic factors. Thirty-two percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) population is below the poverty level compared to the races with high mortality rates (Tosatto, Reeves,…

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