The Independence Of The United States Essay

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The word independence can be defined in so many ways, but I will say independence is a situation or state where you are independent. This will lead me to say therefore that independent can be said to be free of outside influence, outside control, not depending on any authority or guidance from anyone, and also not depending on others for economic survival or livelihood.
This document that is so much celebrated today is a legal document that proclaim to the whole world the numerous reasons why the thirteen (13) colonies decided to separate from the British Empire and be by themselves as a separate union (country). The thirteen colonists made this declaration for reasons other than to be independent alone, but also to let other nations know their intentions, and also to get financial and military support from other independent nations especially those that are Britain’s enemy.
This declaration was well worded and indicting to King George III on his highhandedness and tough policies against the colonists. As we all know that the animosity between the colonists against the British Monarch dated back to when some breakaway Anglican Church members left the shore of England and relocated to ‘the new world’ due to the problem with the King and Catholics Church policies.
When the urge for self-rule, spirit of independence arises, and the elation of the success of the revolutionary war, the congress decided to take a step towards self-rule. The first step to the realization of this…

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