Essay about The Important Men Is A Useful Tool For Teaching Students

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Abina and the Important Men is a useful tool for teaching students that are not familiar with African History. It talks about the different aspects of slavery in Africa and how women are slaves owned by men; who manages them to do labor work. As a representation that Abina was owned by an “important man” was the cutting of her beads and cloths that were giving to her. The book contains a primary and secondary source that provides a historical framework of the existence of slavery in the Gold Coast. The graphic novel part of this book will also help gain the student’s attention about imperialism and engage them to the importance of imperialism. The content and fluency of this book will be engaged by students because it is a visual that creates a clear understanding for the readers. One thing that was not clear in this novel about Abina was being captured or born into slavery? The authors Liz Clarke and Trevor R. Getz uses the story to give a voice to a slave that suffered from inequality and wanted her story heard in court.
A lot of students can gain many facts from history about this novel because it talks about the abolishment of slavery in the British Empire and the British judicial system of West Africa. This was a very critical time for Abina because she wanted to be heard, but her voice was silenced by “important men” who were very crucial and rude about Abina’s situation due to the fact that they were allies of slave owners. During this era of time, the book…

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