My Worldview Analysis

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As it is not often that one is asked to truly analyze their opinions and perceptions in relation to the world around them and put those thoughts on paper, I had a bit of difficulty coming into this assignment. I was not sure of my worldview in the slightest and to be perfectly honest, I am still unsure as to what aspects of my perceptions of the world around me are a result of my environment or the people around me, or to what extent these impacted my worldview. I must say that I do believe that the core of my worldview has remained for a majority of my life; however, whether or not my worldview has changed or shifted over the years is still a question to be answered.
One of the first aspects of my worldview that I was aware of (although
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Although none of us wanted to endure his lectures, his rants, his complaints; we simply had to because he was the one with the resources for us to get what we needed. He had the power. The main source of power, at least. My sister had another source of power in my maternal grandparent’s. Whenever things got too strict with my father (her step-father) she could simply give them a call and she could typically get what it was that she needed without having to go through him. Some would say that I had power as well considering that on my father’s side, I was the only biological grandchild. If I wanted to, I could call my grandmother and almost tattle on my father if he made things too difficult. That was a power I still do not utilize to this day but it was a sort of checks and balances situation to minimize the lectures we heard from my …show more content…
He does not ever outwardly say what he thinks or feels but if you pay close enough attention to his actions then you can figure it out. Since I have been in school he won’t tell me that he worries but he will get upset if I go a week without calling back home to check in. He would never tell me that he misses me but he will specifically call me to ask why I have not called him when I just got off of the phone with my mother who is sitting three feet away from him. He is the same way with my sister, despite their past relationship. He cares, but he will not say it. If something is upsetting him, he will let it stew until it becomes evident in every word he says, but he will not actually address the issue unless asked. However, my mother is the exact opposite of my father. She will tell you everything that she is feeling. She will let you know when she is angry, sad, happy, excited, tired, and will tell you exactly what she needs to rectify those emotions. She wants to talk things out and handle it immediately so that anyone who is bothered can cope and

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