The Importance Of The Suffragettes

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Register to read the introduction… Their popularity drastically fell once they decided to use militant force which changed people’s opinions. ‘The Changing Role of Women page 64 Source 12 by Millicent Fawcett in 1911 – ‘’If it had been (Prime Minister Asquith’s) object to enrage every woman Suffragist to the point of frenzy he could not have acted more appropriately. Years of unexampled effort and self-sacrifice had been spent by women to force upon the government the enfranchisement of women, and when the Prime Minister spoke the only promise he made was to give more votes to men.’’ ‘’A number of women met in Manchester today to form a new militant movement to get the vote for women. Their motto is ‘Deeds not words’. Their leader is Emmeline Pankhurst who said membership is only for women who are prepared to take action.’’ Source C from a newspaper article; 1 March 1912. The Suffragettes militant action also made the Government use force to stop them from these illegal activities. Despite all obstacles, the Suffragettes did not stop their …show more content…
‘’Now is the time for effort and self sacrifice by every one of us to help our country. Let us show ourselves worthy of citizenship whether our claim to it be recognized or not.’’ Source 15 – Millicent Fawcett The Changing Role Of Women. Many men went to war and this gave women a chance to take over jobs that were done by men. ‘’ Women of every station ... have proved themselves able to undertake work that was before the war was regarded as solely the province of men ... Where is the men now who would deny to women the civil rights which she has earned by her hard work ?’’ The Changing Role of Women Source 27 page 68; Minister of Munitions in 1916. Apart from this, the Government recruited the Suffragettes to organize war-work in factories making bullets and bombs. The Suffragettes volunteered to nurse the wounded as well. ‘’All in favour! Emmeline Pankhurst felt that Germany had to be beaten at all costs. She also thought that doing war work gave women a chance to show they were as good as men. So she stopped fighting the government and helped it.

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