The Importance Of The Jewish And Early Christin Art

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The Jewish and early Christin art brought about many changes then the past, when it comes to how we view art overall. This particular change has to do with the religious feature and focusing and telling the many stories about that certain person and there many journeys. The narrative urge to tell a good story and whose moral or theological implications often have instructional value. The desire to create iconic images which we will go into a couple and talk about their significance to the early Christian people. The many implications of art that the Jewish and early Christian people were unloved in had to do with iconic images that signify the main concepts and values of the developing religious tradition. What I noticed most about this time of art was the meaning only in relation to viewer’s stored knowledge of Christian stories and beliefs. This is the first time in studying the many cultures of art, we are going into great deal about a culture that valued so much of their religious style. It highlighted planning that were central to religion and would guide the religious …show more content…
This is a form of art that related to Moses and his crossing of the red sea which this story is in the bible. This picture is of Moses which looks like it shows is people on one side and pharaoh on the other in the sea. Which is so fascinating about this wall painting is the story that it tells just by looking at it. The person that created this wall of art, really had a great resourcefulness, which it comes to a powerful wall of art and the story that it told. You can really see images in this wall of people in the sea and there is also color in this as well. The Jewish and early Christian people had many implications when it comes to relation that they valued so well in their lives, you could see it so much in their art of work and the many ways they showed

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