Crime Technology

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New technologies have given criminals new ways to commit crimes. One can now sit at a computer and break laws in countries on the other side of the world. The evolution of cybercrimes has taken the world by storm and put law enforcement agencies all over the world on their heels. Cyber extortion and trafficking are the main ways criminal organizations break the law. A person can purchase illegal drugs, weapons, or humans with the click of a button. Because this is such a new way to break the law, law enforcement is not prepared to fight the crime. There is no system to survey all the activity leaving them waiting until the criminals slip up and make a mistake (Katel par 4-6). The criminals will continue to do this until law enforcement …show more content…
Police officers could use similar tactics that the criminals are using; however, instead of breaking the law, the officers could track down the person. This can be made possible with new technology. New intelligence and technologies are vital when trying to stop or catch the criminals. The organizations’ technologies are often the newest and not for sale by normal manufacturers. The government needs to develop better methods of surveying the online activities of known criminals. In addition, they should train officers to understand the new technology. The government should have access to the best and newest technology to ensure that it is prepared for the next wave of crime. Criminals are always finding ways to adapt to the new technologies and keep their criminal activities hidden. There should also be communication between the country the product is being purchased in and the country the product is coming from. This can create a larger effort by law enforcement leading the criminals to have to find a new way around law enforcement. The crimes that happen online are just as important as those that happen on the streets of Chicago. More needs to be done to prevent and stop this crime from …show more content…
Organizations continue to develop and adapt to the new ways of doing their business. The public has yet to step up and offer information or to unite as a community. In addition, the police need to become more involved in the community to form relationships with the public. This would allow the public to work together to resolve issues. Civic groups should work in the city to reintegrate the homeless back into society. When people have enough money to live, they are less likely to break the law. Politicians and law enforcement officers should be monitored in all aspects of their work to ensure they are not abusing their power. Citizens should educate themselves on organized crime to better understand the effects it has on each individual. Watch groups could form and individual people could be more aware of what is going on around them. State-of-the-art technology should be added to assist law enforcement since they cannot be everywhere at one time. In addition to high tech surveillance, new technologies and intelligence could be added to police departments and agencies. This could help survey the known criminals on the internet. Training officers to be able to keep up with the growing field of technology is important in finding and arresting criminals. Government officials need to be more proactive when locating the known criminals. International communication is also important with the new

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