The Importance Of Romanticism

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Register to read the introduction… This period began shortly after the French Revolution and all the political hard comings that the revolution caused. One of the main causes to make this literary period arise was simply to go against the enlightenment movement. Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, was the idea that things should be thought about rationally. One should use logical trains of thought and clear evidence to base ones principles. Romanticism did not necessarily have a clear path it followed. It is often referred to as a, “loose collection of diffuse characteristics, if not a mass of contradictions,” and that, “The movement had no institutional locus, or organizational identity, or central publishing project” (Micale 2026). It would both reject “neoclassical literature” and praise the works of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Romantics would use modes that emphasized, “the abstract and infinite as well as the particular and singular” (Micale 2026). One of the few points on which all people who claimed to be a Romantic was the refutation of enlightenment’s skeptical rationalism. Romantics were more concerned with the imagination and relied on metaphysical things, where as someone who was a part of the enlightenment movement would claim that there is no evidence and is therefore irrational. Another point that most Romantics agreed upon was a love and respect for nature. One a part of the

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