The Importance Of Remembrance Of The Soldiers And Their Sacrifices

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Throughout the history of the Civil War, Gettysburg was one of the most intriguing battles. It not only was the battle that had largest number of casualties but it was also located in a very isolated piece of land in upstate Pennsylvania. Gettysburg National Military Park has gone through many phases throughout its history; one thing that has not changed and that is the importance of remembrance of the soldiers and their sacrifices. The changes that occurred through the decades at Gettysburg National Battlefield mirror the social climate in the United States.
In the year of 1895, Gettysburg went from being a privately-owned property to becoming a Military Park. Many things would change from the Military Park though once the 1930’s commenced. With the result of the roaring 20’s the economy in the 1930’s was booming. Moving into the decade of the 1930’s Gettysburg Military Park would not only celebrate the 75th anniversary of the battle but also many other significant changes. In 1933, Gettysburg went from being a place for people to remember their loved ones to a national park for the public to understand the significance of this battlefield. Gettysburg transferred from the hands of the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association (GBMA) to the control of the National park system. The National Park officially recognized Gettysburg as a National Battlefield in the year of 1933. With this recognition, “this action was a major step in the development of today’s truly national…

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