The Importance Of Reality Maintenance Within An Online Camming Site

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The Importance of Reality Maintenance in an Online Camming Site

One of the most basic theories found in symbolic interactionism is the idea of reality maintenance and the thought that society is constantly being created through the interaction of individuals. A shared meaning must be found between the actors in a situation. This can be achieved by negotiation and acceptance of a pattern. Choices are then made within that created reality between the actors and it is then that subjective reality becomes objectively “real.” However, before this happens, an individual must portray an identity, use impression management to define the situation, and finally follow the process of reality maintenance. This research will explore the interworking factors of reality maintenance within an online camming website. How do these theoretical ideas apply to the site and what specific tactics are utilized by the models to maintain reality? The process of reality maintenance has been studied in face to face communication situations as seen in Goffman’s (1959) work. Lerum (2001) observed strip clubs, where reality maintenance could possibly be compromised. An online camming site embodies both these situations, creating a combination never looked at before.
The cam site studied will be MyFreeCams (MFC). Found at, it is a specific society in which these basic symbolic interactionism theories and ideas can be isolated and studied. MFC, launched in 2004, is a site…

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