Prejudice And Racism In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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In the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison, race is a harsh wake up call for people of color in this novel. The Civil War happened ten years before this story began. Slaves were free, and hope for a better life seemed possible. However, there were not freed of the physical and mental torment of the white race. Black people were not seen as equals in the eyes of white people. There were cattle, earthly possession that were put on this earth to follow out the orders that their masters gave them. Characters, like Schoolteacher, believed in the notion that blacks were created just to serve the white race, and nothing more. Black people, to them were material items, and white people could do anything they want to them. Many characters in the book recognized that the only difference between white people and black people is the color of their skin; black people are human beings as well. Stamp Paid, a former slave, sought out to corrupt the cultural norms at the time; which was white people were superior over black people. Stamp Paid and many other characters in the black community, try their best to fit in with society; however, white people see them as a threat to society, and the black community is tired of it. Morrison’s imitation of black and white people interactions during this era, captures the realism of the …show more content…
Whether it is being a major player in the underground railroad or finding jobs and homes for former slaves, Stamp Paid gives his all in making sure the black race does not owe anything to the white race. Race in the eyes of Stamp Paid, are like blinders on horses. The white community only looks at the color of people’s skin to determine a person’s worth instead of looking at the bigger picture. on the other side of things, people in the white community have different views about the relations between black people and white

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