Stereotypes In Modern Day Society

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I personally believe that the world is a better place if there was no such thing as stereotypes because this is a gigantic problem of our modern day society. A stereotype is a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or category of people. It puts labels on how should a person should exist or act based on their sex, race, personality, and other factors. This problem could affect a person who may act different or even sustain a different perspective on the way they want to live their lives, but may feel ashamed to be themselves just because of these stereotypes. Stereotypes like men are strong and do all the work than women, this is a common stereotype that is not demonstrated to be accurate at all in our modern day society but …show more content…
Another negative side effect is if you believe in them you can’t really get to know the actual person. You cannot group people together based on one thing as people everyone is unlike. Just because someone has something in common with a group does not indicate that they possess the same personality. Stereotypes may also way down a person with expectations that the person is not equipped to manage. Stereotypes can impact a person throughout their lifetime. If one feels that they are expected to behave or do certain activities and no others acts, they may believe this and never reach their broad potential. Some people make themselves the incorrect stereotype to imitate it, do with the fact that they actually consider it. Like an African-American male would be referred to be called a gangster or even a thug, if that was not created than many African-American boys would not be influenced to that life style. Some of negative effort can make a person frustrated because the information that they believe in is not correct at all. Like for instance if someone said that all Mexicans eats taco that would be an inaccurate statement because it 's not truthful at all. Other negative effects of stereotyping is isolation because a person may not fit in a group they may isolate themselves from …show more content…
Preconception is a baseless and usually negative attitude toward members of a group. Prejudice is a positive or a negative cultural attitude directed toward members of a group or social stratum. It combines beliefs and value judgments with positive or negative emotional predispositions. Prejudice is a thought of racial or other form of inequality, not to be confused with discrimination, which is the action, or practice, of inequality based on bias. Prejudice can be based on many factors such as gender, race, age, sexual orientations, nationality, and many more. Prejudging is often used today in this modern society and can affect people in many ways. It touches people because it causes them to be closed minded of others and could also affect their self-esteem. Examples of prejudicing believe that all mentally ill people are prone to violence, that all obese people are lazy or are fat because they simply eat too much, and that all women belong at home because they are taking jobs away from adult males. Prejudge and stereotype work with each other when it does to race based things. Like for instance, you could that all Americans have pale skin and blue eyes or Caucasian. Those who don t fit in would consider to be a foreigner or other. This would not depict an American or any person in America because of

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