The Importance Of Peace And Security In Art

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Group Members:
Amirali Aghnami
Zhobin Sadeghi
Kevin Rush
Wei Qiu
Sarah Smurthwaite
Art History 1
Professor Meyer
24 October 2014

Peace and Security

Art and architecture throughout history has kept alive and allowed expansion of ideas, reality, and emotion. It not only sustained and expanded cultures, but is allowed people to have the freedom to express and honor heroes, religious figures, and the values that societies embraced which were courage, dignity, peace, and security. In art throughout the ages, it is clear that while societies were embracing social and political values they also stressed the importance of peace and security values. We have examined periods dating from Paleolithic to the Late Antiquity times, and we have gathered
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These two statuettes were found in the Square Temple at Eshnunna and made of gypsum inlaid with shell and black limestone. The oversized eyes probably symbolized the eternal wakefulness of these two worshipers praying to the deity for people’s safety and sufficient food. Moreover, the folded hands in front of their chest in a gesture of prayer is also a representation of people’s wishes of peace and security. At that time, people just gave up the dangerous and uncertain life of hunting and gathering for a more stable and secure life of farming and herding, which is a significant change in human society called Neolithic Revolution. People throughout the history have always been showing their beliefs and faithfulness to the God in order to acquire protection, prosperity, peace and …show more content…
The Great Pyramids (figure 3-8 and 3-9) are the most distinct and significant examples of Egyptian architecture culture. The pyramids were tombs that used for pharaohs to live there after life with plenty of treasures including paintings, jewelries, metal art works and even servants. Egyptians believed that people could live another life after death, so they buried so many goods along with the pharaohs in order to let the pharaohs enjoy their after life in peace. In addition, such a great architecture using as a tomb with lots of treasures is not just a chamber for pharaoh; there were many different tricks, traps and even false pharaoh’s chamber in the pyramid that

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