Art: The Importance Of Peace And Security In Art

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Group Members:
Amirali Aghnami
Zhobin Sadeghi
Kevin Rush
Wei Qiu
Sarah Smurthwaite
Art History 1
Professor Meyer
24 October 2014

Peace and Security

Art and architecture throughout history has kept alive and allowed expansion of ideas, reality, and emotion. It not only sustained and expanded cultures, but is allowed people to have the freedom to express and honor heroes, religious figures, and the values that societies embraced which were courage, dignity, peace, and security. In art throughout the ages, it is clear that while societies were embracing social and political values they also stressed the importance of peace and security values. We have examined periods dating from Paleolithic to the Late Antiquity times, and we have gathered
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To the Jews and Christians, it marked the coming of the new religion that was sacred to them. Noble Enclosure was known as a big platform where the structure rises. It is believed that the stone is the Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven. According to tradition, the Dome of the Rock was built to acknowledge Muhammad. The shrine is formed like an octagon shape and is made of gold, which emphasizes the fundamental quality and beauty. It had several entrances on the sides. The structure’s walls were covered with vivid, colorful designs and patterns. The Dome of Rock represents peace and security because the stone that the monumental building was built on is believed to be sacred to the three …show more content…
In this Gothic statue, Christ is portrayed as a caring man who is in the act of blessing anyone who enters the church. Christ is depicted differently from the earlier Christian depiction of Christ to fit the contemporary look by portraying him with a beard. Christ is standing on a dragon and the dragons symbolize evil forces. This statue is related to peace and security because this artwork is hopeful to the public due to the fact that Christ is being portrayed as a savior who is protecting people from evil forces. Additionally this portrayal of Christ helps influence people to seek peace and security with the

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