The Importance Of Nutrition In School Lunches

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Good nutrition plays a positive role in good health, self-sufficiency, and quality of life. An individual’s dietary intake will be affected as they undergo changes in their lives and move from one stage of life to the next. A child 's diet and nutrition is a growing concern. The wrong approach to food can give children mixed messages about proper nutrition and lead to serious problems later. Parents are solely responsible for children 's poor eating habits. Prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing and obese children are at a much higher risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors.
Health and nutrition can be influenced by several factors such as family, friends, and peers as well as physical and mental stress. “As a young
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Schools are now serving healthier choices. Programs can be put in place for children to learn the healthier choices. The goal of the program will be met if more children begin to choose fruits and vegetables in comparison to soda and chips. Education is the key in reinforcing good habits such as healthy eating (WebMD, 2012). It is crucial that childhood obesity decreases in this community. With children learning about healthier food choices, the community can hope to expect a drop in obesity amongst this population. This is good because then it becomes a good domino effect. Obesity will decrease and so will the diseases associated with …show more content…
Expose your kids to the benefits of healthy living - a stronger body, increased confidence, and more energy - and most will make exercise a regular part of their lives. While it is never too late to begin practicing an active lifestyle, the longer children follows health conscious rules, the easier it becomes to them. Nutrition is a vital aspect of one’s health which can be managed to provide the greatest opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. Improving ones nutritional status is becoming more common because there is more information about the nutritional consequences to health that is available for the public to understand. This in turns creates a healthier person resulting in a healthier

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