The Importance Of Media Multitasking

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With all the technology in the world today, media multitaskers is a task many young children to adults do everyday. With this being said, have you ever wondered if this is if this is helping or hurting your brain? Travis Bradberry Ph.D, author and contributor to Forbes wrote an article on this topic. “ Multitasking Damages Your Brain And Career, New Studies Suggest”, this was based off “ Cognitive control in media multitaskers “ scientific report done by Stanford University: Eyal Ophir, Clifford Nass, and Anthony D. Wagner that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The message Bradberry is clear is the title of his article he punished in forbes, but does that scientific report convoy the same message? After analyzing both the style of the text were different; the media article was simpler, but more direct …show more content…
I feel that the media report generalize and make assumptions, only because it came from the assumptions that were made off of other articles relating to the main report. I feel it would make it more credible piece if the evidence came from the main report. The media article did just people thinking or it did for me. I wanted to know more about this topic after, since it is something lots of other people do and myself in today world. Reading the scientific report while it was somewhat difficult it was not the hardest thing I ever read. I found myself re-reading to help me. It did a good job with explain the experiments in details. I could see how their reason to be more research done on this topic, during the reading I kept thinking of the brain updating to this like the body have done in history. With the said I feel the media style article could have been more clear on the finding from the scientific report, and the report did a good job with reporting their findings and explains the

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