How Are Meursault And Jay Gatsby Alike

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Green light flashes on the dock. A figure moves forward, he moves toward to the end looking out at the bay, looking across the bay, looking at the light, watching it flash on and off, on and off. Such as the character Jay Gatsby in the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s amazing to think when looking at that light how much that light connects to his character. Just as that light was unattainable so was that person behind the light, young Daisy his long lost love. By comparison Meursault has that same type of feeling with Marie. Although he is portrayed as an outcast, anti-social, and someone who doesn 't have a lot of feelings, Gatsby puts on a strong outer shell. Somehow it does appear because of this connection or lack …show more content…
He always just wanted to be accepted by society. While surrounding himself with the ultimate joys in life, Gatsby has always subconsciously wanted to portray himself as the perfect man to the woman of his dreams - Daisy. It is hope that kept Gatsby to keep striving for the success and fame that he wanted just so that he could be noticed by Daisy. He was never able to develop into the person he was ever capable of becoming. He was never aspiring to be more than the person that he was rather than what he had hoped to be. The beginning of the novel starts off with, narrator, Nick Carraway, stating Gatsby as a flawed man, dishonest, and vulgar who uses his optimism and aspirations to transform his dreams into reality. It is these qualities that, according to Carraway, make Gatsby truly great. Gatsby is a man with two personalities, but one ultimate goal. To the common man, he is a rich man, a selfish man, but that common man wishes he could be Gatsby. Every woman in the age of the roaring 20s aspires to be with a man like Gatsby. However, Gatsby’s second personality is one that causes Carraway to see Gatsby for the great man that he is. His passion to be with Daisy drives him to throw the extravagant parties and spend thousands of dollars on flowers to impress the girl of his dreams. He throws the parties, hoping that Daisy would show up to one; Gatsby’s undying love for Daisy is the quality that depicts Jay Gatsby as the great

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