Essay On Humanitarian Interventionism

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Humanity is not always found in humanitarian intervention. The pursuit of safeguarding the rights of all those in the “spectrum of races and religions” has its basis in the idea that human rights are self-evident and universal. The protection of universal rights has been allotted to nations who hold great power yet these nations assume that genocide is a concept of the past-with the tragedies of each new genocide isolated from those of the previous genocide. Two genocides commonly cited by humanitarian interventionists – the Armenian and Rwandan genocides demonstrate the consequences of lack of involvement and a lack of moral will on the part of the United States government. Yet by failing to recognize the challenges that come with foreign intervention, humanitarian interventionists render themselves blind to the …show more content…
Before intervention, the urge to amend human rights violations precede the challenges of reconstruction; without necessary knowledge, there is a possibility of a resurgence by the opposition force. Also, humanitarian interventionists fail to recognize that s genocides can be response to civil war. In these cases, foreign intervention would most likely accelerate the speed of the killings, therefore, putting more lives at risk. Concerning foreign intervention, the American public should be able to receive enough information to press for action from their government. If not enough information has been provided, the government does not have the right make a decision that which eventually go against the wants of the American public. The drive to help the needy is an honorable one however, sometimes that drive hinders, rather than helps those who need to protect their human rights from

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