The Importance Of Human Rights In Business

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Human rights, as they relate to business, have not and cannot be realized through legal compliance alone. Throughout much of human history laws have changed, from the prosecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, to South Africa’s apartheid, to the US’ housing bubble, leaving room to doubt that our current system of laws correlates with a universally just moral code. Because the world that we live is forever changing so too are our morals, and if human rights are to be respected everywhere societal factors must inevitably play a role. As the word becomes more globalized and complex, so too do our national and international systems. These systems create what we believe to be moral and guide our actions.
Legal complacency, while necessary, does not create an atmosphere where business is forced to respect human rights. Legal loop holes are everywhere, and can at times serve to undermine the original purpose of the law. The recent housing bubble, within the US, is a great example of a legal process that ultimately led to a worldwide economic collapse. While the housing bubble gave many the opportunity to enter the middle class, via a mortgage, the process in which it was done violated many of their basic human rights, including the right to an adequate living standard.
Many experts agree that the origins of the 2007 housing
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Once again we can dismiss the claims of a few who say they were in the wrong place or that they didn’t have the opportunity, but the sheer amount of data done supporting these claims supports them. Instead the blame is placed the criminal justice system which allow not only law enforcement agencies but also prosecutors, and the general public who support them, to continue. It is the again the society which results in this system being able to prevail despite a vast amount of evidence to disprove many of the systems

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