The Importance Of Good And Evil In Today's Society

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It is not difficult to see evil in today’s society. If you turn on the news, or browse on a social media site you are likely to see some type of tragedy or hardship. Perhaps a local officer was shot during a routine traffic stop. A small child was hit by a car on the way to school. Officers are looked upon as “the good guys” in most situations. Children are thought to be pure and innocent. If this is true, then why does God allow for bad things to happen to good people? The reverse can also be asked; why do good things happen to bad people? I am going to attempt to answer these questions by arguing that good and evil are meant to coexist. In fact, one cannot truly exist without the other.
Let’s think about the example of a child getting hit
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If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, God would know that the officer was going to be shot if he pulled over this vehicle. God could have given the officer a flat tire which would have prevented the meeting. God could have caused the gun to malfunction giving the officer a chance to arrest the driver. Yet, knowing the outcome God allowed the officer to stop the vehicle instead of intervening. Why would God allow this evil to take place? “Evil (moral evil, that is) owes its existence to the deeds of men” (Surin, 1983). Several outcomes could have transpired from this traffic stop. God made all of the outcomes possible. However, it was the man who pulled the trigger who ultimately made the decision. God gave man free will to make his own decisions. God sets the stage for our life to unfold. We are the ones who decide what the outcome looks like based on the decisions that we …show more content…
We only know it as it lives off good. It is parasitic” (Bennett, 1938). The parasitic nature of evil is based on the notion that for evil to take place, good must take place first. Evil feeds on the energy of good to nourish itself into existence. “It must also be recognized that evil is the stimulus without which among men as they are there would be little religious faith at all” (Bennett, 1938). If evil is thought of as a parasite as well as a stimulus for good, then their relationship can be described as mutually beneficial. Evil is the stimulus that drives men to live in the light of

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