The Importance Of Gender And Behavior

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First of all, according to the textbook, the external sex organs of soon-to-be girls and boys can be identical during the first several weeks of gestation. The testes in soon-to-be boys produce androgens in the middle three months of gestation. The androgens can affect the fetus’s brain development. Androgens, hormones, and chromosomes affect children’s gender. However, the parents who rear gender-free children keep the biological gender of their child a secret. Second, the book states that children’s gender and behavior are influenced by their parents who treat girls and boys differently. Generally, children are rewarded for behavior parents think is appropriate for their gender and admonished or punished for behavior that is not considered appropriate (Cherlin, 2013). In this way, children learn how to behave themselves. However, Witterick and Stocker avoid affecting their children’s behavior. For example, their children have the freedom to choose clothes and decide whether to cut their hair or let it grow. As …show more content…
Some may live in mobile home. Lower class people may go out by public transportation. If they have a car, the car is likely to be second-hand or lower-end. They shop for food in groceries or the nearby market. Lower class people often eat rice, beans, potatoes, bread, vegetables, and other cheap food. Many of them do not have any insurance for home, auto, and health. They may have to depend on food stamps to get food. Lower people may watch TV after meals for entertainment. They cannot afford go travelling to other places. Children may play games with peers nearby for fun. Low class people may buy mark-downs at clothing stores. Many of them cannot afford adequate clothing in winter. Lower class people usually have little education or no education, such as primary education. They usually take low-paying and part-time jobs, such as servers, nursing aides, and

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