The Importance Of Culture In Guns, Germs, And Steel

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Culture is important as it shapes our whole world and defines us. Culture enables us to survive, reproduce as a species, and expand our population. Culture is learned, shared, and symbolic. It is shared through dogmas, memories, and even values and expectations. It is learned the same way children absorb new information that is presented to them. In an unconscious and conscious learning process that is developed through interactions with others. Everybody possesses the ability to learn, to think in a symbolical form, to manipulate and modify language, and to create and use tools in order to adapt to their environment. Culture is very important, however, it does not matter according to Jared Diamond. In Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond …show more content…
This happened on 1532 and it shows the factors of the overall result of the collision between native people. The reasons why Pizarro came to America to capture Atahuallpa, are because of the weapons and equipment they possessed. The Spanish had guns, armor, steel swords and horses. The Inca had stone, bronze and weapons made out of wood. These superior weapons that Europeans were able to get a hold of, created victory for Europeans against other natives. Atahuallpa ordered an army of “80,000”, while Pizarro ordered “62” soldiers on horses and “106” on foot. Diamond explains how soldiers felt during that era; “we talked a lot among ourselves about what to do. All of us were full of fear, because we were so few in number” (Diamond, 70). The unequal number of soldiers against one another was unjust, yet Pizarro was still able to capture Atahuallpa and execute his army. The reason why is because Pizarro had military advantages to the Spaniards steel swords, steel armor, guns, and horses, while the Atahualpa’s had no animals to ride into battle with. Their weapons were also “primitive” as it consisted of stone, bronze, etc. The Atahualpa’s weapons was not as strong as Pizarro’s weapons, therefore they failed when confronted by Pizarro and his army. Horses, steel weapons and guns caused the Incas to be paralyzed at Cajamarca. Battles after Cajamarca were fought with stronger weapons, when the …show more content…
Inventions such as gunpowder, did in fact come from outside of Europe they were originally Chinese inventions. “In China, Gunpowder was invented as well as the compass and paper.”(Love, 7) Technology such as weapons and transportation by domestic animals for example horses, are ways that society and people expanded and conquered each other. Sickness that started from germs was also a way expansion was developed. On the contrary, Diamond states, “Eurasian germs played a key role in decimating native peoples in many other parts of the world” (Diamond, 213). These parts are Pacific Island, aboriginal Australians, and the Khoisan. These epidemic diseases played a role in European colonization, when Europeans traveled by ships and spread diseases quicker wiping out a large amount of population. Overall, Geography was a main role for European

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