The Importance Of Conduct Research And Interact With Different Human Beings

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With all of the information given we can see how it is important to conduct research and interact with different human beings. We can see that not everyone have the same mindset especially due to their different class categorization. Most of us would expect the working class to react to certain situations differently like the one with their kids. We would think that they would want their child to become better and be an overachiever whereas they want the opposite. Then you have the typical upper-class women and middle-class women. To sum it all up, we can see that each different classes react differently with different things and discuss things within people in their own social class. (Yodanis, 2006) There are some similarities within my research that I had performed and the A Place in Town Doing Class in a Coffee Shop research. Both types of performed researches took place in a coffee shop and included women. They both observed human behaviors in the coffee shop. For example, my research dealt with the reaction to caffeine. Meanwhile, the other research dealt with how people with different social classes reacted with different things such as how they spend their spare time and interaction with family. The two conducted researches took place during the morning and had a separation of people. My research took place during one morning in August. The other observation took place for five months every morning. The different social class separated where they would sit…

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