The Importance Of Cognition And Its Effects On A Lot Of Different Areas

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Cognition has an impact on a lot of different areas such as: attention, perception, memory, problem solving and even production of language. This process focuses on the human behavior and how we think and behave. Psychologists often attempt to come up with an explanation for human behavior and then try to generalize that behavior to fit them with everyone’s behavior. However, people who have schizophrenia have a harder time to showing the basics of social cognition. Schizophrenia patients have a harder time than other when it comes to processing emotions, social perception of the overall theory of mind. They start to experience impairments in memory, attention and problem solving. They feel detached from other and the world around them. In a recent study done by Roberts, Combs, Willoughby, Mintz, Gibson, Rupp& Penn (2013) patients between the ages of 25-60who were diagnosed with schizophrenia were recruited from the mental health clinic. The participants in the study had to meet the criteria that required them to be substance free and have an IQ or 80 or above. The patients in the study had to participate in Social Cognition and Interaction Training (SCIT) for 20-24 weekly-hour-long sessions. The groups included two clinicals and four to eight patients. The sessions were made up of strategic games, drill and repeat skills, homework assignments to “remediate deficits and decrease biases in social cognition”(284). The study was done by using the Positive and Negative…

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