The Importance Of Civil Rights In America

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United States continues to wear a black eye with racism that continues to follow our government with the history of civil unrest and discord relationship that has been established with a majority of citizens that reside in the poorest economic areas in America. These project areas usually house the poor racial minorities that reside in federal subsidizing housing communities that have been forced upon them due to the racial indifferences between social and ethnic groups that govern our democratic society. However, these indifferences between social and ethnic groups have dissolved community relationship that has finally hit a critical point in America is partly due to the type of law enforcement protocol in these areas that violate their Constitutional rights and freedoms. In which, the minority people are fighting back for what they were promised over fifty years ago with the Civil Rights movement. This lack of racial equality and acceptance by the wealthy white ethnic groups that has been controlling our economics since the birth of America, remains in control of government bodies that lead this country and has the power to deliberately prolong the racial …show more content…
These civil liberties injustices are pragmatic through legal means that are mainly directed against the poor minority group communities to control their economic capabilities and prevent them from moving out of the lower social class of poverty. The municipal violations mentioned by John Oliver’s HBO show is not the only infraction founded by the Department of Justice investigation. The main issue at hand for the downfall of Ferguson was the lack of practices to implement a robust system of true community policing stated by the

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