The Importance Of Child Care

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Register to read the introduction… This is significant because the quality of child care available to low income families is much worse than that available to higher income families, and the quality of the child care affects the child's development. High quality, center-based care is expensive and is simply not an option for many low income families. Instead, they turn to informal, sometimes unregulated child care.

There are federal programs to improve and fund early childhood education, but these programs do not work with the hectic working schedule of low income parents. Child care subsidies are available in some states, but not available to all low income workers. In other words, low income families often have difficulty accessing support systems that help them balance work and family life. As a result, the children of low income families are not given the same opportunities as their middle class counterparts.

2 Education

There is an educational gap in America between low income and higher income students. Children from low income families tend to do poorer on tests, have a lower graduation rate, and are less likely to attend and complete
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When comparing the brains of 9- to 10-year-old children from low income and high income families, the prefrontal cortex showed as much of a difference between the income levels as a patient who has had a stroke! This area of the brain controls problem solving and higher-order thinking, so this finding is very significant. Poverty affects a child's IQ, brain function and behavior. Researchers have also discovered that the neural systems of poor children develop differently from those of middle and upper class children, and this affects the child's language development, ability to remember details and ability to pay attention in school. By the age of 3, a middle class child has twice the working vocabulary as a poor

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