The Importance Of Being Earnest By Charles Orwell Essay

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I sit here in this half empty room listening to music. I try to think of what keepsakes to use for my Opus project. This project isn 't hard, but very tedious and time consuming. I already found four objects to use and wrote the paragraphs about them. I really hope what I wrote about them is enough.
I follow along in my book, but the movie jumps and lose where I am. I give up following along, so I just watch the movie. I am completely enthralled in the movie and the story line. The Importance of being Earnest is the movie we are watching. The movie is done and everyone is mind blown. Ernest is actually named Jack. Ernest proposes to Gwendolen who was destined to fall in love with a man named Ernest, but that 's not his real name. Algernon Moncrieff is Ernest 's best friend and Gwendolen cousin, who then changes his name to Ernest when he goes to the country to be with Cecily, whom Jack takes care of. Algernon Ernest proposes to Cecily, who is also destined to fall in love with a man named Ernest. Gwendolen is on her way to Jack 's house in the country to see Jack Ernest. This is confusing already. Both of the girls find out that they were lying about their name and then shun them, but then accept their apology. When things are all happy and cleared up, Algernon 's aunt and Gwendolen 's mother, Lady Bracknell, comes to take Gwendolen back to the house forbidding Jack to ever see her again. As they are leaving, Lady Bracknell overhears that Miss Prism was there. Miss Prism…

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