The Leroy Movie Analysis

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Ollie, Ralph, Leroy, Gladys, Imogene, and Claude are the most horrible kids in the neighborhood. These kids mother did not want to be around them and their father left the house and never came back. I really do not know how they got that way, but everybody in the area is scared of them. They blow up things, smoked cigars and wore nasty cloths and did not bath. The kids are rude, disrespectful loud and always running around taking things that was not theirs.
The Herman’s, are jokesters, Leroy, would take Charlie’s lunch, or some of it every day, and Charlie would come home hungry all the time. His sister, Alice, who was telling the story, was scared of them too. They lived in a garage that they would let up and down all the time to see if they could catch one of them under it. Omg, this movie had the kids laughing so hard. My mother was like, I would tare they tales up boy! She said. They were at school, and Charlie had enough of Leroy taking his snacks, so Charlie told Leroy that the minister at church gives him cakes, cookies, and ice-cream. Leroy said why he do that he crazy or something, Charlie said no, he rich. Charlie knew that Leroy, his brothers, and
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Later after church, the kids heard Ms., Grace taking about a Christmas pageant and that sign up would be tomorrow. Claude was courteous about the play and wanted to know what it was about. The little girl told her that the church has the play every year, and so they came to sign up. While in the church Claude ask who the play was about, she told her the birth of Jesus, Claude was not taught about Jesus or God so she was asking all kinds of questions. At the end her and her brothers became parts of the play and none of the kids would raise their hands to do a part. Claude had threaten a little girl who was going to play Mary that she would do something to

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