The Importance Of Applied Anthropology

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I decided to do my digital media paper on applied anthropology. Applied anthropology is basically anthropology put to use. It uses the theories, methods, and ethnographic findings of anthropology to solve human problems (“Applied Anthropology”). Applied anthropology was related with the creation of early academic departments of anthropology and the term applied anthropology has been in practice for more than a century (Barbara, Singer, and Willigen). Anthropology can be used in a vast range of fields to solve problems like human rights, education, health and medicine and many more (“UNT Anthropology”). Applied anthropology is not just one kind of job, applied anthropologists can take many different roles in their work such as researchers, …show more content…
Shaping of professional organization, evolution of disciplinary subfields, and establishment of ethical standards are the contributions of applied anthropology (Barbara, Singer, and Willigen). It’s also been a useful source of anthropological concepts, perspectives, and theory (Barbara, Singer, and Willigen). Most of the applied anthropologists today are practitioners. They use cross-cultural knowledge and anthropological approaches for research and action around the world, (“Applied Anthropology”). Applied anthropologists are taught to look at societies comprehensively, to respect cultural differences, and to learn about public spectacles through careful method of observation and interviewing (“UNT Anthropology”). By opening of new fields of research and contributing to the revision of theories, social change, development, and organizational culture, this is how applied work has helped shape theory in anthropology (Barbara, Singer, and Willigen). The commitment to action is a given for applied …show more content…
I have been using Google for as long as I can remember. I find it helpful in collecting information that I need but everything that I find is not always accurate. The first thing that popped up when I searched up applied anthropology in the search bar was Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a trustworthy source because it is filled with inaccurate information. I went through the first three, ones after Wikipedia, just as I did with the JSOTR journals. The second source that I found was published by the University of North Texas anthropology. I did not find this source very organized or well-structured but it did state what applied anthropology was. The source only had a little information and it was not as helpful as I would have wanted it to be. The last source that I found was published by the California State University of Long Beach. This source was also not organized or well-structured but it did have categories. It showed what applied anthropologists do and where they work but it also included practicing anthropology. I did not find the second and third sources as helpful as the first

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