The Importance Of Appearance In Frankenstein

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Victor is raised in a happy and loved household and is adored by his family, but he abandons them in college and becomes obsessed with creating a being. When he does create his creature, he is horrified by it’s deformities and it’s appearance, despite the hard and extraordinary work that it took to created the being. Appearance seems to be an important theme in the book. It was the beauty of Elizabeth that caused Caroline Frankenstein to adopt her from the poor family from Italy, since she didn’t believe that a child with such beauty should live in poverty. Everyone seemed to love her based on her beauty, including Victor. The death of his brother William and Justine also represents a loss of innocence. Due to Victor being a coward and in fear of being ruled or being insane, he chose …show more content…
The monster’s intention was never to hurt the boy, but he thought because he was a young child, he wouldn’t judge the monster based on his appearance. Of course he does, and I think with this scene, Shelley is trying to suggest that we are programed to judge people, starting from a young age. The boy also mentions that his father is Alphonse Frankenstein. The monster becomes outraged by this, thinking that it is his creator 's son and strangles the boy. This is the first monstrous crime, and while it was horrendous was also justifiable in a sense. The monster had plead a vow to seek revenge on Victor, the person who caused the most pain to the monster. When he meets someone with the same name of Victor, it makes sense the monster would use the boy as a way to get back at his creator. The monster showed the guilt for killing the boy, and for putting the picture of Victor’s mom into Justine’s pockets. The monster tells Victor that he will leave all humans alone if Victor makes him a female companion. At first Victor says no to his request, but then after having sympathy towards the monster, he grants his

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