Essay on The Importance Of A Loving Bond Between Families

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I grew up in a traditional family with both parents and three brothers. I was the third child of four children. Both of my parents came from large families. My dad had nine other siblings and my mother had 13 other siblings. Throughout childhood, my family used every opportunity to enjoy one another’s company. We even celebrated during the loss of a family member. These parties would consist of family, food, and music. The celebrating would last an entire weekend.
As a child, I was not mature enough to appreciate the significance of family gatherings. The elders of each family would tell stories about our lineage. The evidence of a loving bond between families was in their survival of the times. The teaching sessions, however, informal showed love, represented loyalty, and demonstrated support.
As an adult, there has been just my son and me. Although, my son’s father and I share the task of co-parenting. My son has two other siblings; an older sister and a younger brother from his father. While my son is with his father, he must share his father’s attention with other children. However, in our household my child is raised as an only child.
I am a multitasker, which requires me to wear many hats. As the head of our household, I am the mother, the provider, the disciplinarian, and many more, as needed. I must execute these roles with precision due to the undersize of our immediate family. In a traditional family setting many parents tend to share the…

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