Essay on The Importance Of A Free Public Education

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I was fortunate to be born in the United States and it has afforded me many privileges that have allowed me to achieve success. My mother immigrated to the United States from Taiwan when she was young, and hadn’t she done so I would not have the same opportunities that I do now. Being asian but having the appearance of someone who is caucasian I have never had to experience discrimination and all that comes from it. I had the privilege of a free public education and the ability to pursue higher education as well. Where I was born was a dangerous area of California and my father’s gang involvement forced our family to flee the area fearing for our lives. My family ended up settling in a nice suburban area on the central coast of California. This move alone has had a much farther reaching impact than I could imagine. Being raised in an area that fostered my education and the development of my character has allowed me to grow in ways that otherwise would not have been possible. The community I grew up in really fostered the development of its youth, but as I struggled with my own issues I was unable to engage myself in it.

Despite the wonderful community I lived it, I faced many obstacles that hindered my development as well. My family was poor, we settled in a nice area, but we did not belong there. Consequently we faced a lot of financial turmoil and lost many of our homes. There were days we would go without food, and weeks that we would go without electricity, gas or…

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