Kantian Moral Theory: Categorical Imperatives

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A. Introduction:
Kantian moral theory is one of the most importance and famous theories in our world that people should know about it. From what I had learnt, I got that Kantian moral theory has two important points, which are respecting others1 and having right intentions1 when you communicate with others or do some things. The two things are still working in the present to help to promote the whole society. Kantian moral theory is originated from a philosopher whose name is Kant1. Kantian moral theory has two important Categorical Imperatives2 (2 rules). In the following, I will tell you the first version of the Categorical Imperatives2 with my understanding. Then, I will also give you the detailed explanation about the second version
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First, through the universal law2, all the people in the world will have the awareness of making our world more and more peaceful and beautiful. For example, all the people will be glad with the peaceful situation without the war by communicating with each country gently. Second, we will become a good or kind person with the reversibility2. When we want someone to help us, we should consider if we can also help them as the same time, then the relationship between they and us will be better. Third, be nice with the people around you instead of using them3. When you see the people around you on the bus, you can smile with them or say “hi” with them even if you do not know them, you will not only make them happy, but you will also make yourself happy. Last but not least, you should respect others1 with the Kantian moral theory. Everyone is equal to each other in our world, no matter how great, rich, or bad you are, you are equal with the other in the world. Therefore, the rich should respect the poor without laughing at them or looking down upon them.
E. Conclusion
In my opinions, most aspects of Kantian moral theory that I have described above are great, thus, I will do some the Kantian moral theory in my daily life. Kantian moral theory still works nowadays. But according to the different people, different ideas, and different areas, people’s views maybe different on the universal law2. Therefore, from my point of view, the moral theory can change with the different

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