The Implications Of Gender Roles In Society

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The blame of gender roles must be laid upon the shoulders of society. “Since the moment we are born, we are being moulded into the being society wants us to be”(Crespi). When put into this perspective, a person would be hard pressed to find a niche for individuality. Individuality, which was a corner stone for society itself. Never the less , roles have been placed upon people labeled with the gender of male or female. These roles are time bombs with the power to destroy. All too often they tend to go off prematurely, resulting in divorce, broken families and worst of all suicide. And the worst part is, all too often it takes a bomb blast to wake the sleeping beast of revolution. So why is the beast still snoring? After all this is a funeral. Jack grew up …show more content…
Those people are wrong. In the 1950 's women stayed at home with their children and served husbands like slaves. Women reached for potential and gained rights through protest. Ultimately this broke the family structure, which is still trying to be pieced together by bigots. “In fact, the gap between different genders has already melted down, creating an all equal society and more equalized families “(Common). Although gender roles are all but null in the modern family, people hold to it as if it were the bible when faced with homosexuals and transgender. SO, the real question is, which is more important to these people? Family structure or the oppression of a new group of people seeking rights. It is the tendency of those in power to try for control. Those of the pacifist nature are no better than the oppressors. Pacifists in reality are the worst of all. Sipping their poison of complacency while others suffer the punishment. The greatest sinner is not the one with the whip of oppression, it is the man with the power to end torment and no desire to do so. Gender roles are no less an evil than sex trafficking or

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