The Impact Of The French And Indian Wars

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In my opinion the French were the most ethical group in colonizing the New World because they did not come to conquer or enslave native populations. They came to work collectively with the native inhabitants to create a lucrative trade network comprised of military forts, trading posts and agricultural villages. The French were respectful of the native inhabitants and that respect was reciprocated. They also developed a respect for the land and its inhabitants, which resonated with the natives. The profitable fur trade was an enticement for King Louis XIV of France to work cooperatively with the native Indians. He operated ethically when he entered into successful alliances with the native people that allowed them to maintain their independent sovereignty. He gave and kept his word to the Indians. The French brought …show more content…
Their involvement in the French and Indian Wars brought France great economic woes. It also fostered animosity between the native Indian tribes as they became involved in the wars of the Europeans that had been transplanted onto North American soil. If the French would have held on to their territory without interruption; first from the Spanish, then from the English and then eventually from the newly-termed Americans, they could have been an effective influence on the Spanish and English in conducting profitable and equitable relations with the native Indians and with African slaves. The Frenchmen’s intermixing of races with both Indians and Africans created a mixed race population of children that connected the groups with familial ties, cultural and economic bonds. Most of the French settlements were comprised of people of mixed race, which served as a prime example of how the French had learned to coexist with the native Indians. These mixed race children had an increased chance of earning their freedom from

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