The Impact Of Technological Advancements On The Development Of America, Railroads, Wars, And Agriculture

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History 131 Unit II Paper
Many factors greatly impacted the development of America such as slavery, railroads, wars, and agriculture. All of these factors can prevail in one of three overarching categories; technological innovation, territorial expansion, and cultural developments in the nation.Of the three factors, technological innovation was the factor which most dramatically altered life in the United States due to its presence in the advancements of both Cultural development and Territorial expansion.
The United States brought technological advancements from the roads to agriculture, there were very few aspects of daily life left unaffected by the technological innovation that would soon spread across the world. Throughout history, technology was created to connect people, and to unify Countries, and the first way America tried to do this is through transportation. “By 1821, some 4,000 miles of turnpikes had been built, and stagecoach and freight companies emerged to move more people and cargo at lower rates” (Shi and Tindall 268) Roads were the first means of easier travel and lower cargo rates, but at this time the roads were not an effective method of transcontinental conveyance. It was not until the use of steamboats that a transcontinental market became both practical and economical, because of the steamboat, water transportation became the instrument for most of the nation 's timber, wheat, corn, cattle, and hog (Shi and Tindall 268). “The railroad surpassed…

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